Saturday, February 6, 2010


When a baby is born in the family, going out gets more complicated, but it is still possible. David and I talk about it all the time. As responsible parents, we want to make sure that Penelope sleeps comfortably and well at home when she is supposed to; sleep is so important to development. But, life doesn't stop, and at least this time, we are lucky enough to have a baby that is okay being up a bit past her bedtime, and is still young enough to fall asleep other places.

Last night we hung out with friends, and Penny slept in a pack and Play until we went home at 11:00. What a great baby! Then tonight, we went out for dinner because David's birthday is tomorrow. We went early, we had a great time, and then Penelope rode home with her grandparents, while we stayed out for an extra half hour or so.

We got home to this:

She melts my heart.

I don't mind that life changes. I don't mind taking care of her, or often putting her first. I still like my time with my husband or my friends, and I always will. Becoming a mother shouldn't steal away your identity. It should change something inside of you, and it does, but it doesn't mean you have to leave yourself behind. Becoming responsible for a whole someone's entire life is heavy, a great responsibility and an honor. I love being a mom.


  1. this is really interesting. its seems right. it seems like one shouldn't lose thier identity...but how do you keep it from happening? I know I feel like I am mommy and only mommy. And if I catch glimpses of someone other than mommy, I feel guilty. I know Will feels this way too. Our kids rule our lives at the moment...and not in a bratty insane way, but just, our lives revolve around them. Does a childs temperment matter? Does it matter if you have other care givers around you who will respect your requests as the childs parents if you go out? Very good post.

  2. Amber... balance. And that balance is different for everyone. I have found, however, that I must "let go" from time to time about my desires as far as Penelope goes. I guess there are big things that matter, but I have to have me time in order to be the best parent I can be... and if that means Penelope does things a little differently from time to time, I think she will be all right.


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