Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Love wraps around me when I walk through the door and see my daughter's eyes light up with happiness. Love is the way my husband gently speaks to me in the morning when the monster that is me needs to get out of bed. Love is an open mouth slobbery baby kiss. Love peeks out from the dishes and the laundry so willingly done. Love is in a caress. It is in a giggle. It is in laughter. Love grows stronger with each trial, more patient with each moment, more constant with each mistake. Love is the way I remember a smile of a loved one lost. Love plays with a tickle or a tease. Love is in a teardrop over something, anything mourned together. Love is in the trust of holding my daughter as she learns to walk. Love is in a dream held side by side. Love is in the good times and the bad times, and the times when we don't know which way is up and which is down. Love is the memory of a mistake forgiven. Love is in the way I listen when I want to be on my own way. Love speaks from every moment together, and every moment apart. Love is real. Love is here. Love is now.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


I know I should not be thrilled about this. I know that this starts a long period of chasing, that is frankly, going to take a lot of energy. But, anyway, I am a first time mom after all, so, drumroll please...

Penelope took her first step today!


Life was stressful when Penelope was born. There were people around who shouldn't have been, and although I hope I handled it well, I know that it did create more stress in me than I could see. She could see it though.

Penelope was a smiley newborn. She smiled early and she smiled often. But rarely did she giggle. As tension eased over the last few months though, she has started to giggle and laugh much more. I love watching her giggle. I love finding the humor in the little things with her. I love acting silly. I love echoing her giggles and laughs. This afternoon, while I sat on the front lawn with her, watching her play with dried leaves, watching her tear them into little bitty pieces with her "brute" strength, she leaned over, looked at a piece on the blanket, and giggled. Now I don't know what was funny, nor will I ever, but I sat there with her for the next minute or so giggling and laughing, laughing and giggling. Then she gave me a baby kiss.

I love her giggles. I am so glad that life for her has come to a place where she can be a baby, a carefree, unconcerned, light-hearted, clapping and giggling baby. And I am so glad that I can giggle with her.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just some fun videos.

We have been going outside on the front lawn to enjoy the weather. This is a couple of videos from a few of those afternoons. They are mostly for Annie and Nathan up in Portland, but feel free to enjoy them too!

Hope you enjoy.