Sunday, May 13, 2012

Three Years Old and Loving It!

It's a Minnie Mouse and friends party!  Expecting my second baby, I wanted to keep the party somewhat simple, but it had to be fun and cute too!

Here were the invites:

I used a Minnie image from somewhere out on the internet and word clipart for the balloons.  I inserted the birthday girl's name with letter art and then voila... glue them to appropriately sized scrapbook paper and I had her invitation front.

The inside was fun too... I purchased circular mailing labels and printed the info on them, creating a polka dot effect with all the pertinent info on the inside of the invite.

The decorations were super easy too!  For table cloths I used stickers on plastic table covering.  I cut out mickey mouse shapes and bows from 12x12 paper in lots of colors, and put them up all over the place.  Lastly, I used images that I blew up, printed the different parts of the pictures, and then glued them together on varying colors of poster-board.

The Minnie mouse pinata was fun too, of course!

The cake was a take on the princess cake with the cake skirt and a doll inserted, only it was Minnie mouse! I used white chocolate polka dots and sprinkles, because at three, who doesn't love some good sprinkles?  I also made some extra cupcakes in bright colors for the boys who were attending.

Minnie Mouse cake
Activities included the pinata, my homemade ball pit with enclosure, and a coloring table.  The ball pit was a total success.  We used 750 balls from the toy store, a few extra larger balls for variety, and made a pvc pipe and fabric enclosure to help keep the balls contained.  The pit itself was just a blow up swimming pool.  Other than storage, this is going to make a great activity and quite a few birthdays from now on.  I pre-stuffed the goody/pinata bags with a few heavier items like play-dough and put each guest name on the mickey sticker on the front.

We had so much fun!  I can't believe my baby girl is three.