Sunday, June 24, 2012

All the little things

Life's little blessings.

We've all heard it, "focus on the positive."  But how many of us actually do?  I know some people who must, and I know some people who, well, I guess not so much.  It makes such a difference though!

Maybe I have a tendency to see the glass as half full, the silver lining, the little gifts along the way.  Maybe I have forced it upon myself.  But either way, I am sure glad God gave me the eyes to see the world in a positive light.  Without this gift, there are times that I honestly don't know if I would have made it.  Thanks God!

What little blessings have surrounded you lately?  What are your silver linings?  What are your half full glasses?  How can you be thankful today?

Here is a small list of mine:

An energetic sick girl who was able to smile and dance between feeling miserable,
A baby in my tummy that is now quickly approaching 35 weeks-- miracle number 2.
A husband I never could have dreamed of for myself.
The laughter of friends.
My daughters imagination.
The ability to sleep fairly regularly and fairly well.
Living in a temperate place.