Saturday, May 7, 2011

"Terrible" Twos Here We Come!

This party was brought to you by the letter P and the number 2.

We had so much fun today and all of my hours of prep wok over the last 4-6 weeks came out just the way I wanted!  I had pictures of characters three feet high up all over the place, Sesame Street cake pop holders, and a few fun games to play.

And here is my army of cake pops inspired by Bakerella. They weren't quite as good as hers, but I was happy.  I filled them with different flavors... Elmo was funfetti, Big Bird was lemon cream cheese, Oscar was chocolate ganache, and Cookie was my creation of "chocolate chip cookie dough" cake.  I even had fun figuring out which filling was right for which character.

Here is the birthday girl wearing her Elmo overalls that I scored on sale from Sears:

...always so serious!  You should have seen her right before the party started, you might have thought she was at a funeral or something.

Fortunately, she finally lightened up.

We had Pizza, corn dogs, guacamole(13 avocados worth!) veggies, fruit, and drinks.  We had story time, threw Oscar's trash into his can, and found Ernie's rubber duckies (which he kindly let us take home).  Penelope's grandpa Steve even made balloon animals for all the kids, and a few of them even got Elmo!

What kid doesn't like opening presents?

Especially when she gets stuff like this homemade sesame street quilt from her Grandma Gerry?

Ahh, the Elmo laptop, definitely one of the hit gifts.

What a great party!

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