Saturday, June 5, 2010


David and I just had our first weekend away from Penelope.  Okay, Weekend might be a bit of a stretch-- it was actually just under 24 hours.  It was wonderful.  We stayed in a hotel, went to Cheesecake factory, and went to Glen Ivy; oh how I love that place.  Maybe I'll quit my job and just go there every day.

Yeah, go ahead, say it.  YEAH RIGHT!

Anyway, it was a blast.  We both could sleep with both ears closed instead of one listening for miss P.  I truly enjoyed being wife for a day, and having my husband for a day.

Of course, I missed my daughter.  Of course I missed seeing David taking care of her and playing with her, but I love my wonderful husband and cherish us, and am so grateful that there was someone (uncle Greg) willing to watch her overnight so we could just be two for a brief moment.

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  1. Hey Charlene!! I didn't realize you also were blogging! It was great to hear from you! I'm glad you found me because I don't usually know how to search for people or find blogs.

    And congrats on what looks like an absolutely GORGEOUS baby :) God bless her!!


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